Sunday, May 10, 2009

Parliamentary Elections

The Voting Issue:-

 The  election fever has set in. The Parliamentary elections for Lok sabha of India are going on. The political parties are busy with their election campaigns. On account of the strict rules and regulations laid out by the Election Commission of India the political parties are changing their way of approach  to reach the people. Campaigns through internet, websites, television channels, FM Radio channels are gaining popularity. At this point of time there is an issue of making elections compulsory in India as the percentage of voting in certain states are not upto the mark. This is because of the fact that people avoid to vote either due to problems like threat from terrorists as is prominent in certain states, or they dont realise the importance of exercising their franchise. Many organisations are trying to make awareness of casting vote. The media stands first in this list. One of the important fundemental rights that our Indian Constitution provides us is the right to vote. It is our duty to execute it with extreme care. As responsible citizens of India our work does not end with voting. But we have to make a thorough analysis of the activities that the political parties did when they were ruling. They simply make the promises during the campaign.

But choosing a right person for our country lies in our hands. Its our duty to be catious about it. Vote for the right party. If it seems that none of them is good then hope for “No vote” option button in the voting machineJ. There are many people (including me) who are not really interested in politicians. Including this option in the voting machine will provide a chance for them to show that none of them in their constituency is eligible to be their representative. Jai Hind!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Positive Thoughts

"Attitude determines your altitude".

 Attiutde is considered to be one of the key factors of success.
As by the above saying the extent to which we steer forward depends on the measure of attitude we possess. If we ask the people who had had their life sublime it will be found that they had an attitude for their goal.

 Eventhough attitude is essential for a person to succeed in any field it should be noted that he should be an optimist. Developing positive thoughts can only solve a problem. There is no 
use in lamenting over the problems or troubles that one faces in his life. The major weakness point that most of the people have is that they dont realise the imortance of optimism in their thoughts. They are unaware of the fact that how a negative thought would affect their future. Even in my life I have come across many incidents where I faced troubles just because I thought the other way. Thoughts are far more powerful than anything else in the world. Mind is a device that is continuously generating thougts whatever may be the situation thoughts are rised in our minds automatically. It is difficult to control our thoughts. Moreover, a person cannot be without thougts himself.
 For example, you sit in a quite calm place and close your eyes. Just try to keep yourself off from any kind of thoughts that may come towards you or go out of your mind. You may say that I have successfully spent the time thinking nothing. But, the actual thing is that you were in the intention that you should nt think of anything, and that itself became a thought in your mind.

 You cannot prevent your mind from generating thoughts, but we have the power to streamline our thoughts. If we develop such a concentration to have only positive thoughts we will realise that what is happening around us is nothing but the result of what we have thought. So let us have positive thoughts and make our life sublime.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


India is proud of introducing the most cheapest car in the world TATA NANO. As the name “Nano” would suggest it is most wonderfully built getting smaller in size as well as in price. It is unique among the cars which were introduced in India for the past two decades.

Tata enables the middle class people to have a car with them. It is the car which has been priced the lowest among the cars. About 1.2 lakhs would provide you with Nano.

As we see it is possible to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the car. It has both. But it is evident fact that it will surely occupy the minds of Indians. The registrations for it have started. Mumbai’s taxi drivers may start selling their worn out old vehicles and would go on for nano.

If we see the advantages of this car I can very well tell you that no other company has manufactured such a low cost car as before. It would replace the two wheelers and people would opt for more space and less money and would prefer a car which is not more than 50% rather than getting a bike or some something.

As we see the disadvantages since all people would try to buy this car there would be traffic problems and lack of parking lots in major and metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Consumption of petrol would also increase and this may accelerate the air pollution.

The alternate way for this is to develop a car run by electricity. Although it has been introduced by Mitshubishi, it must be developed further by other companies and using these kinds of vehicles may decrease the environmental hazards and would help the conservation of resources.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

FM stations, better than any other

It has been a year or two from when I stopped watching the "Stupid box". For first few weeks it was boring. I felt loneliness at home. But as days passed I found much time. I felt a sort of relief. I began to think freely. By that time I sticked with listening FM channels.

First came Suriyan FM with all its tag line "Ketukitae irunga". I was amazed by the presence of mind of RJs and all the programs were quite good. They played songs which were from both newer and older films and it was a nice entertaintment. I also used to tune gyanvani for some of its educational programs and sometimes vivid bharti for hindi knowledge.Before few months Radio mirchi came with a big bang.

I shifted my ears to Mirchi as it played hot songs and only hot songs proving the tag line "semma hot machi". RJs are good and the are very jovial. They make people to enjoy and present the show lively. They came with many gifts for the listeners. The time of speech of RJs is less and they frequently play songs. Its a good idea.

Along with Mirchi came other two channels. Radio city and Hello. Hello was normal as other stations. But Radio city is equally good. Its tag line is "Whate fun".It also plays hot. And I could listen to my most favourite songs. These two stations are emerging as hottest stations in Coimbatore.

Listening to FMs is a good habit. It doesn't strain your eyes much and You may not pay special attention to it. It automatically enters your ears and fills your mind with happiness. The mental stress is released when you listen to your favourite songs. They also provide useful informations such as news, General knowledge, traffic status of the city and the like. So I can assure that FM stations are far better than Television.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mind, the ocean of Thougts

Mind is a vast ocean of thoughts. It is a platform where the main computations take place. It acts like a memory unit of a computer and it is responsible for thoughts. A person having satisfaction and peaceful mind is at ease whereas the one who longs for more material pleasures suffocates and loses the existing happiness.

Human mind acts like a live telecast. When a person feels that it is hot even after dipping his hands in a trough full of ice cubes his mind interprets his feelings and acts accordingly. This is the important point to be noted. Instead of feeling frozen being immersed his hands, he feels as if he is at equilibrium. This is a proven technique based on meditation. Meditation is like boosting our mind which is similar to defragmenting a disk drive. All your thoughts and feelings that you have been dumped in your mind gets defragmented and are set in an order. This results in better concentration, memory power, smartness, and divinity. Mind is purified with blessings and devoid of anger, greediness and all evil thoughts. Meditation is one of the best solutions for most of the problems. The things which you desire starts approaching you. Mind becomes free of sorrow, misery, worldly pleasures.

Everything in the world needs practice. In the same way the art of meditation also have to be practised. Initially it may be hard to perform the task but as the time commences things become easy. Its all about setting your mind according to your goal, ambition under the guidance of the Divine.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Thoughts are the those which occur in our minds frequently. Man's life depends on his nature of thoughts. Good thought results in leading to a correct path thereby making one to succeed in life. While, those which are not good tend to change his mind and makes him deviate from his way resulting in bad consequences. So, having a good thought is one of the Secrets of Success. I have created this blog mainly to share my views and opinions regarding a wide range of topics and i hope that this would be interesting and useful.